Employment & Civil Litigation

We provide strategic legal advice and litigation services in the areas of employment and civil litigation and, in the right circumstances, will represent you on a contingency or flexible fee basis.

While it is usually best to avoid litigation, sometimes it is necessary to achieve a just and fair outcome. Contact our firm for a free initial consultation to see if you could benefit from the services of a lawyer.

Separation and Divorce
We are committed to helping our clients through separations and divorces in a way which maximized their goals while minimizing financial and emotional cost.  Respecting each unique situation and context, we take the time to personalize and tailor our presentation to each client.
Mediation / Collaborative Law
We offer both Mediation and Collaborative Law in addition to the standard representation of a client in negotiation and court. Some disputes are best handled with each side having their own lawyer who "fight" for their client. Other conflicts, particularly many family disputes, are better solved through collaboration. Collaborative law and Mediation are two particularly cost effective and empowering processes of conflict resolution.
Criminal Law
We will provide you with a vigorous and creative defence to your criminal charges, in all areas including domestic assault, drunk driving, drug offences, youth matters, and appeals.